About US

Who are you buying from?

We are the manufacturer, we supply all the drains directly from factory to end user, so we guaranteed you are buying the best quality drains at lowest possible price.

What is the quality of our shower grates?

We only use the best quality 316 marine grade stainless steel with 2mm thickness, i.e. 900mm tile insert grate weights 4 kg, if you are not happy with what you get, we provide full refund.

Do you provide any warranty?

We are very confident about the quality products we supply so we offer life time warranty on all grates you buy.

Do we have an Australian Standard approval?

All our products were Australian Water Mark certified which means they were all lab tested to meet Australian requirement.

What if customer needs to Exchange / Return / Refund?

100% money back guarantee, we’re not happy unless you’re happy.

Our delivery timeframe after you place order (for standard item only, custom made takes about 3-5 working days)

  • Syeney next day (rest of NSW 2-4 days)
  • Melbourne 2 days (rest of VIC 3-6 days)
  • Brisbane 2 days (rest of QLD 3-6 days)
  • Adelaide 3 days (rest of SA 3-6 days)
  • Perth 3-5 days (rest of WA 5-9 days)
  • Darwin 5-9 days (rest of NT 5-9 days)
  • Hobart 5-9 days (rest of TAS 5-9 days)

Installation Guide

  • Waterproof the shower wall and the floor including the puddle flange/leak control flange 
  • Use PVC pipe connector to sewer
  • Always use waterproof membrane under the top screed
  • Make sure the fall always towards the grate
  • Close-up of finished shower grate with the recommender 50mm from wall