Bathroom Renovations

As bathroom is now considered to be one of the key points of focus in a home it is vital to use quality timeless materials when renovating your bathroom. Figures suggest that up to 45% of Australians move within five years to another property so it is essential to choose the correct products for all your upgrades and bathroom renovations.

We at Drainsonline feel that one of the most important factors when installing a new shower room or bathroom is the drainage. This is one of the main causes to property damage caused by poor drainage or flooding due to poor water waste flow.

We have a number of bespoke products suitable for commercial and residential facilities and do not sacrifice style with practicality. The high quality stainless steel we use is considered green material with great durability and resistant to corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage with a life expectancy of up to 75 years .  Our range includes a number of variants including tile inserts, wedge wire and punch hole linear grates, so whether your bathroom renovation includes a standard shower or wet room design we can offer you the correct drainage grate with the style you demand.